Posted in October 2010

Use Both Lanes Until the Merge

When you’re driving on the interstate and the lane you’re in ends in five hundred feet, do you get over into the next lane as soon as you can or do you stay in your lane until it ends before moving over? I always believed the right thing to do was to get over as … Continue reading

Visualize the Impossible

If you’ve ever been to a psychologist’s office or read a self-help book, you’ve probably come across the concept of visualization as a technique for creating change in your life. In the sixth grade, I was very ill. I spent a lot of time in and out of the different hospitals and various doctors’ offices … Continue reading

Chippee Is Off the Old Block

When I saw your scruffy face on the shelter’s website I thought you were the one. A virtual match connecting you to me, You busy little bee. Your golden hair and your button nose Imprinted in my memory. One simple picture, one slightly too-perky name. A sign, a wish, a silent hope That you would … Continue reading