Why Does the Air and Water Show Bring Out the Worst in People?

There's a party going on in the hallway of my building right now. You'd think it was New Year's Eve. An invasion of drunken men are howling like dogs. Doors open and slam close and a young woman slurred "Oh my god, what are you doing out there?" All day long indecipherable house music throbs... Continue Reading →

Where Is This Relationship Going? The New Direction of Love

Where is this relationship headed anyway?  Whether you've been dating for six months or married for sixteen years, this is a question many people frequently ask themselves. Everyone wants to know the end game, the bottom line, the final score, as if knowing the answer would save you from a broken heart, a bruised ego, an... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Yoda

The movie Star Wars came out when I was six years old. I remember sitting in the dark movie theater completely mesmerized by the power of the force. Growing up Catholic, the only word that even came close to describing this kind of magical intuitive energy was the holy spirit, which wasn't nearly as interesting... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say a Prayer for Me Now, Save It ‘Til the Morning After You Read This

Day 14: #Trust30 Project This is the first summer since I was twelve years old that I haven't worked. When I think back on that particular summer, I remember being so sick and moonfaced from the prednisone prescribed to me while I was hospitalized to control my Crohn's Disease, I wasn't able to play softball even... Continue Reading →

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