Thoughts After Seeing “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

1521343_648344005226089_2122990329_n“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” -James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is a movie for the hopeful. The people who see life’s unending potential. Those who believe in coincidence. Romantics who, against all odds, are not afraid to pursue their dreams.

Just as water will boil when too close to the flame, so are human beings. The pressure, the stress, the busyness that we put ourselves through, causes a reaction inside our bodies. If we decide not to let go, give in, calm down, or undo, then one way or another, internally or externally, there will be combustion.

Daydreams are a way to let the proverbial foot off the gas. Walter Mitty lives in a world between reality and dreams.  A silver screen world where personal justice, love, truth, and honor matter unlike his everyday life threatened with lay-offs and downsizing, loneliness, and a quickly diminishing checkbook. Whenever he chooses to risk himself, he is rewarded. This is a larger truth of life. How we want things to work out and how they work out, is the reward.

Human beings come from blood and pain, hope and tears. Life isn’t about being comfortable. It’s about pushing ourselves beyond what’s become comfortable to find what we are made of, who we are and who we are becoming. Even when the risk doesn’t end the way we hoped or the way we planned–the marriage still failed, the friendship lost, the job eliminated, the cancer returned–with or without us, life goes on.

The sun will rise, the moon will shine, the rain will fall, the snow will melt. So why not rise, shine, fall and melt with them?

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