Why Does the Air and Water Show Bring Out the Worst in People?

There's a party going on in the hallway of my building right now. You'd think it was New Year's Eve. An invasion of drunken men are howling like dogs. Doors open and slam close and a young woman slurred "Oh my god, what are you doing out there?" All day long indecipherable house music throbs... Continue Reading →

Where Do You Want to Travel?

Day 5: #Trust30 Project If we live truly, we shall see truly. - Ralph Waldo Emerson It's so interesting to me that this particular question stopped me from the momentum of the 30-day writing challenge considering the fact that two of my closest friends are heading off on their own adventures this week. My friend, Maria,... Continue Reading →

Vacation Otherwise Known as Suspending My Regular Duties

Freedom from the day-to-day effort of answering emails, conference calls, last-minute meetings, driving in traffic, and the pressure to perform. I'm taking a breather, a break, a much-needed vacation. In a few hours, I'm heading to La Jolla, California to stay at a friend's house. She's a new friend, someone I admire and deeply respect.... Continue Reading →

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