Where Do You Want to Travel?

Day 5: #Trust30 Project

If we live truly, we shall see truly. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s so interesting to me that this particular question stopped me from the momentum of the 30-day writing challenge considering the fact that two of my closest friends are heading off on their own adventures this week. My friend, Maria, was in town for the weekend before getting on a cruise to Alaska. And, I also said bon voyage to my amazing friend, Caroline, who is getting ready to start a six-month solo adventure through the islands of the South Pacific as well as New Zealand. Thinking about their upcoming adventures halted my ability to visualize my own (at least for a little bit).

When I try to think of only one place I’d like to go before I die I feel completely stymied. There are so many places I’d like to go, why do I have to put a limit of only one? For starters, I would love to see the places where my ancestors originated–Finland, the Czech Republic and Ireland. I’ve always imagined getting a little Finnwacky in Helsinki, roaming the streets of Prague and driving through the lush Irish countryside. I want to hold hands with my man on the beach in Maui, climb to the temple in Bhutan, see a bear from a safe distance in Alaska, walk in the rain in London, meditate in India, rock out in Austin, learn a little voodoo in New Orleans, so on and so forth. There are so many places and things I’d like to do, and while the necessities of daily life can easily get in the way, I do see now that without any planning, I won’t get to do any of these things.

So, what will I do to make sure I get there? First off, I guess I need to re-prioritize how I spend my time off. I haven’t gone on an honest-to-goodness vacation in two years. Mind you, that was a trip of a lifetime and an experience I will never forget through the Mediterranean. Now, I need to set a date, pick a place and start to plan my next adventure. Who’s with me?

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