I Don’t Want a Fairy Godmother But I Might Want to Be One

"I wish I had some sort of fairy godmother. I think everyone who is suddenly dropped into an unlikely change of circumstance should get his or her own version of a fairy godmother." - Natalie Taylor The traditional Cinderella-variety Fairy Godmother never appealed to the realist in me. I'm not a woman who has spent... Continue Reading →

Why Food Is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll

There's a resurgence going on in America. Organic. Local-food culture. Farm-to-table.¬† Chefs are celebrities. Reality cooking and baking shows are on every cable channel. Food is the new rock 'n' roll. I am a rock chick at heart. I worked in record stores when they were still called record stores. I worked for a music... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say a Prayer for Me Now, Save It ‘Til the Morning After You Read This

Day 14: #Trust30 Project This is the first summer since I was twelve years old that I haven't worked. When I think back on that particular summer, I¬†remember being so sick and moonfaced from the prednisone prescribed to me while I was hospitalized to control my Crohn's Disease, I wasn't able to play softball even... Continue Reading →

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