Resistance Is Futile

I’m starting a list of the things I resist,

So that I might find a new point of view.

One that no longer causes me bother,

My one-sided feelings askew.

I want to see how free it would be

To give up what I think I must fight.

When raising my arms, or my voice or my fists,

the force returns onto me with all might.

If I cannot move mountains that live deep inside

Than I cannot cause others to sway,

So instead I must wrestle myself to the ground

My gentle heart leading the way.

It catches the mind and changes the thought.

Once this way can now become that.

There’s no room for any should-leaning intent

I no longer follow my inner sycophant.

3 thoughts on “Resistance Is Futile

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  1. “I want to see how free it would be

    To give up what I think I must fight.”

    Love this Marlene…..thank you for putting the resistance into poetry. I’m with you on this! You have inspired me to start my own list of things I resist.

    Blessings and Gratitude
    Terri (t2van)

  2. Terri–thank you so much for your kind note. Let me know how your list goes. I’m knee deep in embracing my fears right now and finding self-compassion for the moments when it feels like too much to face. We can energetically support each other! : )

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