The Bunnies

The door read "Beef Barn" but inside Little furry creatures Quaked in cages Too close to their bodies. Red eyes, pink ears, Blue, purple spotted and striped. They shook. Stacked in six packs Fear filled the muggy room. A long hallway, unheated Bikes leaned against the walls. In the back, two rabbits, Donny and Marie.... Continue Reading →

This Is Home

January 2016 Winner of the Goodreads Poetry Contest We will always be here, you said. This town and you and the rusty moon Under the browned trees and the night sky. The permanence, a brick house, Built to withstand earthquakes and silent explosions. Inside I am never the same. It's a smack in the face... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to a Savage Magnolia

Some almost famous actors are imitators, Memorizing lines and affectations. The action-cool clichéd Hollywood dude, Shirtless gunshots and six-pack car crashes, All facade to hide their insecurities. But you summoned something otherworldly, Angelic channeler, laid bare for the world to see. Flawlessly flawed with a shadow on your shoulder, Whispering in your ear that it... Continue Reading →

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