The Geology of Change: A Poem for Rock

Rocks on the Path to the Lake by Marlene KellyYou speak between the lines,
A secret to decode.
No sense of where to stand,
But in between, there is something like love.

The flint, the spark, the flame,
Lava’s liquid sharpness,
Igneous, formed from fire.
You sweat, but we do not burn.

Adrenaline buzzed with fever,
I held you wet in my arms.
Sick with your own opinion.
The distance so close, you let go.

Sedimentary rocks needs the warmth of the sun
And water to smooth out the rough edges.
You have chosen the smiling of standing still,
I followed the flow of the river.

What will spark your Irish mind,
If you don’t go inside for the answers?
You’ll miss the metamorphic core
Deep beneath your surface.

Look in. See the sky?
The stars are spinning, the clouds are clearing,
Unmoved by empty wallets and suburban girls
Easily swayed by an archangel named Michael.

Like it or not, we are all connected.
When you find the space inside your locked-down heart.
It’s the quantum physics of emotion,
The geology of change.

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