Inside You Is an Ocean

Everyone and everything has its purpose.
No two people are on the exact same path.
There are no accidents.

If someone wants to self-destruct,
No matter what you may try,
You cannot stop this.

Something deep inside is propelling their need.
Something deep inside of you may see what it is that blocks them.
But you cannot stop them.
Only they can stop themselves.

For you, you must focus on your own path.
A path far from destruction.
A path of healing ground and quiet heart.

The one for you will resonate at this vibration,
With their own version of healing,
With their own version of light.

You cannot concern yourself with the failures of others.
You have more to learn from your own failings.
More to learn from your own perceived weaknesses.

Inside you is an ocean.
An ocean of love and fire,
Moving forward one on top of the other towards the shore.

The shore is the body,
The waves, your light.
So just shine.

3 thoughts on “Inside You Is an Ocean

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the poem, Marlene. Truly touched my heart. Elizabeth forwarded it to me – I was at Omega with you for JVP’s weeklong class. I am still on fire from it:)

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