What’s Buried Inside You and Me

Inside the Heart of a Tree by Marlene KellySleepless,
Under eye circled gruffness.
Emotions unconfessed
Misdirected hurt suppressed.
The darkness I’ve seen in men.

The shadow leads,
Anger feeds
Hard, fast breathing
Strained neck seething.
The sorrow I’ve seen in men.

Whether joy or pain,
The intensity is the same,
Withheld when awake,
But the snore, a roar.
I mistake the darkness of men.

The laugh, a crack.
Playfulness intact.
Sonic heart
And brain beat drum,
The wisdom I need from men.

Admiration runs deep,
But I hide like sheep
Bright white and unshorn
Unwed and unborn.
The darkness I’ve seen in me.

Morose and unspoken
Folded and broken
In lighthearted banter
And self-effasive candor.
What’s buried inside you and me.

This humanness is a weight
Holding us back from flight and fate
Outside of dreams and time and space.
We are not gender
We are not race.

Not black or white,
We are witness to the sight
Of the stars whisper
To the fullness of the moon.
We are the same.
We are unnamed.

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