This Is Home

January 2016 Winner of the Goodreads Poetry Contest We will always be here, you said. This town and you and the rusty moon Under the browned trees and the night sky. The permanence, a brick house, Built to withstand earthquakes and silent explosions. Inside I am never the same. It's a smack in the face... Continue Reading →

I Am Livid After Googling You

Before typing your name in the search bar, I imagined you Bukowski. Dark struggle writing in a stupor. Facebook reveals a gray-haired suburbanite blowing bubbles with your daughter. I am a lobster shell cracked open and empty. The memory of your handprints on my neck. Hands that I once loved. You are smiling on the... Continue Reading →

The Place Between Dreams

There's a space inside that unhinges when I'm asleep. Where all my unresolved moments, suppressed feelings and unthinkable thoughts announce themselves in the dark, always in the quiet. The gathered residue hangs humid in the air long after the day has, reminding me of life left unfinished. In the place that's called a dream, I... Continue Reading →

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