Red Rocks

redrocksWhere are you already?
I’ve been waiting for years
Since you left the car at Red Rocks
No admission for you.
Only me.
I thought you would find me again.
You always did.
Climbing fences and forging a new path.
But you didn’t show up, and a part of me stayed.
Sleeping in a row of man-made seats
Watching an empty stage.
I woke up this weekend
Looking for you.
It took me by surprise
After all this time,
I could still long for the rain.

Remember the night before?
Side by side in a hotel room.
We jumped on the bed
Happy to be.
Or the night we fell asleep on the pier
Only to wake up blistered in the sun?
But you are not supposed to be
A mountain I cannot cross,
An uninhabitable valley.
The me I was with you
is time, and space, and air.
We cannot travel there.
So you live on, tethered to my heart.

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