Come Alive

Day 6: #Trust30 Project

Life wastes itself while we are preparing to live. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone defines their life in a different way. Every day the way we choose to live varies. There are certain actionable responsibilities that go along with daily business of living for all of us–paying your bills, taking your vitamins, wearing your seatbelt, exercising, drinking enough water and sleeping eight hours. But it’s the way we love ourselves and the way we choose to express our love to others that really stand out for me when I contemplate the end of my life. Did I say “I love you” enough and really mean it?  Did I keep my promises, speak my truth, lead by example more times than I didn’t? Where did I challenge myself to grow…and not take it all so seriously? How did people feel when they were with me? Were they better off for knowing me?

I think it’s a trap to see my life only in terms of the positive actions I’ve taken, my most successful accomplishments and the goals I’ve reached. Most of my life happens in-between these highs and lows when beingness takes over and I’m able to see myself just as I am–both flawed and wonderful–then I know I have stepped into my raison d’être. And that’s where I want to be when I leave, in between my body and my spirit with my heart wide open and unafraid.

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